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Michael Pace

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Michael Pace had developed a strong interest in music at a very young age, he taught himself how to play his favourite songs on guitar by listening to the tracks on repeat and using the trial and error method to eventually develop the skills he has today. He graduated from Bachelor of Business-Information Systems in 2008, then was soon offered a job with the Department of Education as an IT Manager, in 2010 he formed a band with former co-founder Vince called “Slightly Left of Centre”, as we all know starting out is always challenging as there are no financial gain from RAW music and expensive to pay for external inputs, which most of the time doesn’t give you the results you want.
After all the hurdles Michael decided to upskill and acquire all the skills he needs to achieve the results he wanted, from that he has had the opportunity to accomplish all projects successfully and gained some long term clients from many industries. Pace Audio was founded back in 2012 and is dedicated to delivering you the utmost support in any project you have along the way, they offer a wide range of services such as video and audio production, photography, marketing, logo designs and much more. If there’s something you need that isn’t listed on the website, they are always happy to help with a quick email or phone call.


2018 Music for Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia with Hate (2018) 


2018 Songwriter for Motion Picture Soundtrack

2 x Produced Songs for Motion Picture Release May 2018. 


2014 Akademia Award for Best Pop/Electronic Song "Call Me for The Weekend"

Winner of the Akademia award for best pop/electronic song

"Call Me for The Weekend" by Slightly Left of Centre 


2013 Label Licensing for Music Placement

Pace Audio has had previous partnerships with music licensing with Russian label 'Studia MONOLITH'.



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